Urban Heat Island Arctic Research Campaign (UHIARC) Dataset

This dataset is derived by Urban Heat Island Arctic Research Campaign (UHIARC) observational network, which has been deployed in several mid-sized cities (Salekhard, Vorkuta, Nadym, Novy Urengoy) of the Eurasian Arctic region in the winter of 2016–2017. The network comprises an array of air temperature loggers and one automatic weather station in each of these four cities.

The main UHIARC objective is to provide academics, engineers, stakeholders and citymanagers with reasonably accurate, spatially dense and interconnected information about urban temperature anomalies. UHIARC observations open an opportunity to monitor temperature variations and their synchronous patterns and impacts within and near the cities. Urban near surface air temperature is generally warmer than the temperature of the natural background at high latitudes (Wienert and Kuttler 2005).

The warm urban air temperature anomaly is frequently referred to as an urban heat island (UHI). Some studies, which resolve the urban planetary boundary layer, refer to it as to a canopy layer urban heat island (e.g. Oke 1976, Sun et al 2015, Smoliak et al 2015). The WMO weather station network is too sparse in these latitudes to capture the UHIs. The WMO stations are located outside, and often at large distance from, the cities.
There is typically just one WMO station (usually at the nearest airport) which can characterize the background climate conditions around each city in this region.

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Pavel Konstantinov, Mikhail Varentsov, and Igor Esau. A high density urban temperature network deployed in several cities of Eurasian Arctic. Environmental Research Letters, 13(7), 2018. https://doi.org/10.1088/1748-9326/aacb84
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Data are available for the period P2 (from February 2nd to March 15th of 2017) in the .csv format. Current dataset includes temperature measurement data of pairs of stations (urban and rural) for three cities (Vorkuta, Salekhard and Nadym) based on observations of urban AWSs and rural WMO stations. The data from the iButton TLs are provided on request as well as the data for other periods (including the latest observations) for the listed cities and also for Apatity. The data are free exclusively for academic purposes, in case of publishing scientific results of processing of initial UHIARC info, the reference to the dataset and the source are mandatory.

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